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Sea Lepus Rack Industrial 3800 FAST Hydraulic Slide Gate Opener Operator Only

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Part Number: 1110BOX24-CSA-E

Lepus Box FAST

Chain Driven Sliding Operators

LEPUS BOX FAST- I 24 V DC with stainless steel case - Heavy duty applications operator for leaves up to 40 ft and max weight 1800 Lbs



o    Control board

o    20 Feet chain type 40

o    Receiver

o    2 Remote controls

o    Accessories

o    Warning  signboard

• Driveway gate opener in oil bath for opening up to 40 feet or max weight 1800 lbs

• Electric motor and reduction gear in oil bath

• Mechanical clutch in oil bath

• Ball bearing wheels

• Stainless steel case

24 V Version equipped with battery back-up


o    Opening up to 40 Ft and 1800 Lbs

o    Electric motor and reduction gear are continuously immersed in oil bath allowing long last operation and intensive use

o    Mechanical clutch in oil-bath as an anti-crush safety device

o    Electronic clutch as an extra anti-crush safety device

o    Reversing system in case of obstruction (ENCODER)

o    Ball bearing wheels

o    Buzzer alarm




+ Duty cycles

 + Torque

+ Speed (adjustable)

 + one model 90V to 265V

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